Tuesday, January 19, 2010

grrrr, brrrr

I came home today to a freezing cold house. Icicles were actually hanging on the drapes. Even though we don't have drapes. Which means that I guess we don't really have icicles, either. It just felt like it...

I did see some ice in my freezer though.

I asked Rick why it was so cold. He couldn't figure it out... even though the thermostat on the wall spoke as plain as day... it said, "62 degrees."

"Rick, did it occur to you to turn the heater on?"

"I did. I put it up really high."

"Then why does it say 62?"

"Because it's wrong."

"Or because you didn't turn it on?"

"No, that's not it. I turned it on really high."

* * heat immediately clicks on * *


"Uh no, Rick... I just did that."

"You did not. I did it when you weren't looking..."

Either way, I'm glad that one of my coats from ebay arrived today.

How do I look? Like I can brave the 62 degree blizzard in my house?

Not real fur... not real flattering, either...

But who cares... it's real warm.

I might even be able to survive 61 degree temps in this house...

... with or without my 'snuggie'

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