Saturday, January 16, 2010

* W A R N I N G *

"Teachers, secure your rooms! Teachers, secure your rooms!"

My heart went down into my shoes. Up into my nose? Either way, my heart went where it shouldn’t have been. I had no warning that we were about to have a ‘lock down’ so I knew that this was the real thing. And no matter what I’d been taught, I was ill-prepared for an intruder to come breaking into our school.

Sitting at my computer and suddenly hearing, “Teachers, secure your rooms…” I froze.

Then I panicked. Then I stood up and ran. Then I ran back in because if there was an actual intruder, uh, it was kinda dumb to go outside and meet him face to face. Even dumber to let him know I was there and unarmed. Well, I had my purse with me. Swinging that around might’ve given him a good swift blow to the head. Might’ve winded him... but I have a feeling he could’ve gotten right back up and tackled me to the ground.

So anyway, I ran back in.

I did what I was supposed to. I turned out the lights. I locked my door. I closed the blinds. I ran away from the window that couldn't be covered.

Then I stood around the corner from the main door praying that an “all clear” would soon be happening. And since I felt too vulnerable to be just standing there… I dropped to my knees.
Because it would harder for an intruder to tackle me to the ground if I was already there?

I have a tv overhead my desk and it happens to be angled just right. Right at the door. And in the screen I could see out the little window that wasn’t covered. Eventually I saw a person walk by. Then I saw another person walk by. They didn’t seem to be in a hurry… which was good.

I’ve always heard that intruders hurry. I guess that makes sense. They usually have somewhere else to be, I’m sure. Like at another school wreaking havoc there, too. Or a convenience store. Intruders are usually seen on convenience store cameras buying soda right before their big move.

It all took 10 minutes, and it was the longest 10 minutes of my life, I assure you… but we finally got the “all clear”. Which means that yes, this was only a test.

Whatever happened to the days of “This is a test. This is only a test.” I sure could’ve used that announcement today… letting me know that I was indeed going to survive this attack. This attack of a fake intruder. This attack on my dignity.

And besides. It interrupted my net surfing. You know, I was about to buy a new rabbit jacket on eBay. The nerve.

Then again, maybe it was all for the best. My pocketbook and my coat closet are thanking me...

Rick probably would've been, too.

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