Thursday, January 14, 2010

A rose by any other name...

All of my life I've had to say that my name is "Kris with a K". And if people DID know how to spell my first name, they certainly didn't know how to spell my last name. So if I didn't say, "Kris with a K" then I surely said, "Kellar with a A."


And that's why my daughter is named Elizabeth. Simple. Easy to spell. Unless you are my mother in law who, for 18 years, has spelled it EliSabeth. And she'll never change.

Elizabeth didn't start out as Elizabeth though... she was born Lyndsay Elizabeth Kahle. But when she was born, I took one look at her and remarked that she didn't look like a Lyndsay. And I gave Rick all rights to rename her. He liked 'Elizabeth' enough to move it forward and then throw his favorite name 'Courtney' in the middle slot.

And that's how Elizabeth Courtney's name came to be.

And it's a good thing... because while Elizabeth was named Lyndsay for a few days of her life... several well-wishers sent us cards... all addressed to LyndsEy.

Oh the trouble we would have had.

I wonder if Elizabeth would've liked her name better if we'd spelled it:

Alezzuhbith Koordnee

Probably not.

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