Friday, January 1, 2010

PETA's coming after me...

It's been cold in Texas.

Not cold as in unbearable, but cold as in WAY TOO COLD FOR KRIS, who's from sunny, southern California. With beaches. And sun. And spring weather all year 'round.

To me, 32 degree weather IS unbearable. Seriously.

But... I love coats. In fact, my car is filled with them. Just in case. Okay, EVERY car we own - and that would be three - is filled with coats. And gloves. And a blanket. You just never know. However, all of my coats were bought in California, so they are mean't for springtime. They are not mean't for 32 degree weather.

So, I went shopping. On eBay. It's what I do best.

I am now the proud owner of a full length black rabbit coat and a hip length black beaver coat.

BEAVER, you ask? Yeah, I wondered about that, too. A beaver?

But it was only $13.50. I couldn't pass it up. I just couldn't. And if it can keep a beaver warm, well then surely it can keep me warm. Right?

But wouldn't you know it... the $13.50 beaver coat arrived with no buttons. That don't keep me so warm.

So, I had to go shopping again. Currently I'm awaiting arrival of a rabbit/chinchilla/sheared lamb coat as well as a red fox/mink combo. And, of course, that full length black rabbit number.

Hopefully one of them will have buttons. Hopefully PETA won't hear about all of these transactions. And hopefully there isn't a black rabbit out there freezing to death.

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Katie said...

You are brave to buy these coats on eBay! I love sheared beaver.... I never got one, but it's so soft and so warm. With buttons, of course.

You do know, by the time the coats arrive the temperature will be Texas temperate again, right?