Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Deja Vu

So how was our Valentine's Day?


In case you haven't yet heard, we are pushing the envelope again with our car insurance. It will be interesting to see if they dump us or let us live. I'm praying for the latter.

Back from our Valentine's dinner at Outback - on Valentine's Day, of course - we had just settled in for a romantic night of television. Yep, we are a romantic pair, we are. When suddenly.... there was a knock on our door. A very frantic knock. A bang actually.

And I opened our door late that night to find a man standing there saying, "Call the police!" And I did.

He had been out walking and had just witnessed a car swerving and weaving down the street... with no headlights on. The man had seen it coming, or heard it coming, and jumped out of the way... but not before he saw the drunk driver plow into the side of Elizabeth's car, which was parked on the street in front of our house. Sideswiped, oh but yes. Mirrors and headlights strewn across our front lawn.

And it was a hit and run. By an obviously VERY drunk driver.

The pedestrian was carrying a pen light... and tried his best to flash it at the driver's license plate... but since the driver didn't have his (or her) lights on... it was futile. So he just hoofed it to our house and banged on the door.

And the rest is history. And no, the police haven't caught said driver yet. And they may not be able to. But it's not their fault... they only had a little bit to go on. All they know is the time it happened, the location it happened and that it was a dark green or blue mini van.

With a lot of red paint all over it.

Part of me wonders if it was a Minnesota fan.... trying to take out Billy Bob.

Sorry, but I have to try to laugh.

By the way, I'll be passing the hat soon....


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