Thursday, February 25, 2010


Ever ever searching for fun properties... I spend, yes, way too much time on I love to look at homes and pretend that money is no object and I can buy any home that I want.

That said, I have to show you the latest place I found. It's got an odd feature though...

Great price, view of the pool from the balcony, great location, corner lot, upgrated. Near park and bussiness, close to 75 and 190. Corner fireplace, upgrated kitchen. Washer and dryer hookup, walking closet, recently painted, iron railing on stairs, updated bathroom. This is a really nice condo!!

So aside from the upgrates... (and the upgrated kitchen) I am dying to see that very unique closet. Apparently it travels from room to room....

The photo below is a bit on the odd side, too. It's an ice pack that I used on my bum knee and ankle last year after a few spills I had at work.

I had no idea that ice packs expired. What... is that when it's supposed to melt?

But my favorite? Found on the menu at Macaroni Grill. Uh, what is a broccoflower?


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