Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2nd day of vacation...

The following conversation all came about because I scolded Elizabeth for staying out too late one night.

Even though it was her Spring Break? she asked. Even though she didn't have school the next day?

Never mind that she didn't get her chores done.

Didn't matter though... because she was right. She always is. Just ask her.

So, I'm standing at the stove yesterday morning, scouring some old food stains off. I'd just finished cooking breakfast and then cleaning up afterwards. I'd also just finished a load of laundry. And because I only have two hands, I told her to empty the dishwasher... which she did.

"So I take care of the dishes?"


"And I vaccuum the house and dust?"


"So what do you and Daddy do around here?"

I wanted to deck her. But I resisted.

"Well, I go to work 40 hours a week."

"So. I work at TWO jobs."

"That's different. I'm responsible for this entire household running smoothly."

"Yeah, but I also go to school."

"That's also different."

"Don't discount my schooling! It's full time. And I do that while working TWO jobs."

"When you are 50, you will understand."

"Well, I DID do the dishes recently. In fact, I think I've done them six times lately."

* blink blink *

I then finished scouring the stove, serving breakfast and cleaning up afterwards. I then went into the bedroom and dusted and vaccuumed it, pruned all the plants sitting on the bathtub, cleaned the mirrors, scoured the countertop and then headed to the garage to sort out all of the items I'd set aside for our weekend garage sale.

Liz was already off with her friends.

I then showered, got dressed, paid some bills and laid out our food for dinner. Then I ran about 50 errands.

So much for my Spring Break...

And if I ever hear Elizabeth again say, “So what do you do around here?” I will disown her. Because I'm nice like that.

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Lynn said...

I have SO been there with y 21 year old!