Monday, March 1, 2010

Abra Cadabera

My adorable daughter came home in a brand new Ford Escape today. Black. Hot. Amazing.

My adorable daughter needs to learn a few things.

Way back in August, my adorable daughter crashed my car into another vehicle, sending the other driver to the hospital. This accident totaled my car and enabled Elizabeth to buy herself a car... a hot, hot, red Toyota Solara convertible.

It will also cause our car insurance rates to go through the roof come June, when our current policy is up for renewal.

It also caused the "gentleman" she hit to threaten several times to sue us.

But the suit was settled out of court.

Or so we thought.

The so-called gentleman refused the amount of money that our insurance company offered. And he refused all attempts to settle out of court. Mr. gentleman then sent a huge man to our door over the weekend to deliver a summons to Elizabeth. For "future pain and anguish" and "physical disfigurement." Never mind that the man walked away from the crash... then decided to take a little ride in an ambulance... you know, just in case. Yes, his elbow was fractured... but physical disfigurement? Come on.

Anyway, on Valentine's Day... we were saddled with another car accident. A drunk driver sideswiped my adorable daughter's car.

Damage cost? $3000. Or $200, if we only fix the missing mirror. $3000 is the amount needed to make the car look brand spankin' new... with a new door, new tires, new everything to make it look better than it did before.

Still with me?

Here's where my daughter's brilliance shines through...

Before submitting yet another claim to our car insurance, Elizabeth called them up to get an estimate of how much our rates will be going up in June. Apparently the agent misunderstood and quoted my daughter the rates we have now. To insure her car NOW (pre-accident) is $288/month. And to add the 2nd accident onto the policy? Only $5.00/month more.

Elizabeth was thrilled with these rates. I would be, too. But I knew better. Heck, the lawsuit isn't even settled. So how could ANYONE know how much our rates will go up in June. Not even Carnac could attempt this one.

And since Elizabeth thought sure that she could handle these rates... she proudly told the lady on the phone to "Go for it!" "Put in that claim!" "Fix my car! I'll take the entire $3000 fix, please!"


So she took her car in for body work today. And came home in the hot new black Ford Escape.

Why, you ask? Because the folks at the body shop told her that she could have a car to drive in the meantime. And she could spend lots of money doing it! And she could have her choice of cars! Because, heck, her parents had car insurance... and surely your parent's car insurance includes a rental car... and surely that car insurance would pay for it! So take your pick!

And she did.

Darn, that's a right nice car. Darn, that's a lot of money I see coming out of our pockets come June.

But it's okay... Liz says that she can afford it.

Never mind that she'll be quitting her job in June and going to the University of Arizona to school.

I don't feel well, thank you. Why do you ask?

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