Thursday, March 4, 2010


So guess what they did in the city of Carrollton, yesterday, at 1:00? In exactly the intersection that I was driving through? At 1:00? In a car, with my windows down? At 1:00....

They tested the TORNADO SIRENS!

Can you say "AARRGGHHHHHHH?"

They blew them dang sirens right at me, right in my car.... I swear, I was searching for the fire trucks and trying to get out of the way! Yet, I couldn't see any. And as the sirens got louder, AND LOUDER, AND LOUDER!!! I got scareder and scareder.... I thought there was a fire engine bearing down on my little car and I couldn't seem to get out of the way fast enough.

I did survive. But I'm feelin' pretty stupid.

Apparently they do this every Wednesday.

And next month, I've lived here four years.

You'd think I'd have maybe heard it once or twice before... Yeah, you'd of thought.


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