Sunday, March 7, 2010

Varsity Drag

I'm in heaven!

My daughter has finally, finally, finally made a decision about college. And it's a good one.

For years - at least one, anyway - she's been talking non stop about attending University of Arizona. A place that gets hot (and she hates to be hot) and dry (she likes to be cold) and is far, far from home (she likes her friends here too much.) But still, she persisted. It's was U of A or nothing.

U of A has a big film department. And a football team. And lots of sororities. And lots of fraternities. And probably lots of parties.

And her cousin Ashley. Who's probably the girl who parties the most at U of A.

And although U of A has some dear friends of mine living nearby (that I'd already comissioned to keep an eye on Liz) I still have never completely been at peace with this decision.

Part of my peacelessness came from the fact that I was going to Arizona, too. To work. And not just in any job... in MY LEAST FAVORITE JOB OF ALL TIME! Or close to it. Yes, I was going to work there... one weekend a month... AT A HOTEL!

Why, you ask? Because it would make Elizabeth's tuition $13,000 less per semester. Her tuition would come down from $18,000 to $5,000. A big difference. And all for the tiny inconvenience of me traveling to Phoenix one weekend a month and working in my favorite establishment.

Not really. Oh the job was real (working for my former boss who is now in Phoenix) but as for it being my favorite establishment? Uh, I was just kidding.

Anyway, I was willing to do that. Because I'm cheap. Or practical. But was I loving the idea?


But Elizabeth has finally come to the conclusion that U of A is not for her. Why, you ask? She said that God told her not to go.

Okay, can't argue with that!

And so where IS she going?

If her grades can hold up (everyone please pray!) my little girl will attend UNT. University of North Texas.

Oh, I SO hope this is what she will really do.

Everyone praying?


I want my baby nearby. Well, an hour away... but nearby.

And I really, really, really don't want to go to Phoenix to work...

There's just something about a hotel...


Never mind that I'll be staying in one next week.

That does not count. At all. Really.

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