Monday, March 8, 2010

it wasn't my fault...

Because I think I can do anything and because I don't know any better... I decided to color my husband's hair.

I could end the story there... because you can predict the outcome... but what's the fun in that?

Every four weeks, Rick gets his hair colored. Well, sort of highlighted. Sort of. Actually, as long as I've known him he's been "salt and pepper" and I like that. But of late, he's been more salt. So, he goes to a salon to get peppered.

Lately I've been complaining that his hairdresser hasn't been making him salt and pepper though. He's been chocolate. Milk chocolate.

So Rick rebelled and hasn't gotten his hair done in about two, maybe three months. And for the last two to three months he's been pure salt. Not even a Hershey's kiss in that head of salt.

On Saturday night, I had had enough. And I came to Rick's aid. Certainly not his rescue though.

I convinced him that I could fix him all up... and it wouldn't cost a thing. Because I had in my possession... Clairol's "Root Touch Up" in black. And since he already had all the salt... I would just swirl and highlight in some pepper! Very easy.

I mixed up my concoction, I painted in the pepper... Rick waited the alloted time... and rinsed it out. And the horror in both of our eyes said it all.

Rick now had a full head of jet black hair. Which would've been fine if it had been even. But it wasn't. I had painted the black in haphazardly because I thought it would look more natural.

I was dead wrong.

So wrong that Rick and I did not go to church on Sunday morning. We couldn't. We would have both been too embarrassed.

For most of Sunday I just stared at Rick... and then he put on a baseball cap and pretended I wasn't staring at him. But his "goth" look just kept glaring at me from around the edges of that cap.

Rick made an appointment to have his hair "fixed" on Monday... but late Sunday afternoon we both got the idea that maybe there was a product out there that could remove the color. Sooner. And we actually found one! And at the grocery store, no less. Yeah, we only wanted the best for Rick.

I have now finished my new project... removing Rick's pepper. It took 20 minutes and FOUR WASHES, each followed by 5 minutes of rinsing. I prayed and prayed... but deep down I knew that it wasn't going to work.

But you know what?

Rick now has the most gorgeous head of salt and pepper hair. The product worked... a little. It didn't pull all of the black out... but it didn't matter. Somehow it evened it all up and the results were....


Go figure.

Now here's the scary part. The real scary part because that trauma wasn't scary enough?

Rick likes it... and thinks that we should do this routine every four weeks.

His fat lip should heal in about a week.


Anonymous said...

Where is the pictures?

Katie said...

Love this! What a guy, your Rick.