Monday, March 29, 2010

Big Mouth

Realizing that our pastor, my favorite pastor, was not going to be speaking at church this weekend... I asked Elizabeth if she wanted to join me at a different church on Sunday. At Chuck Swindoll's church. He's an awesome pastor as well, but for a bunch of reasons, we do not attend his church.

Anyway, Liz said yes and we made our plans to go to the alternate church.

Of course, Liz had to inform all of her friends why she would be absent from our regular church. And she blamed me.

She told everyone that I was playing hooky from church.... except she mispelled it.

All of her friends and all of Facebook thought I would not be in church that day because I'd be playing hockey.

Thanks, Liz.

I guess I'd better be boning up on my hockey knowledge... does anyone know how many clubs you use to get the puck onto the green?

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