Tuesday, March 9, 2010

faux toes

My best friend, Anonymous, left me a comment yesterday... and got straight to the point!

Where is the pictures?

Ahem... if I had a camera that worked, I would be happy to show you the mess I made... I mean the glorious hairstyle I created. But alas, I own a camera that will not hold a charge.

So, there are no before photos.

However, I can supply the after shots. Courtesy of my Blackberry.

So, if you're not too tired of seeing all of the stuff from the after parties of the Academy Awards, here are two after shots of poor ol' Rick. I mean Rick, the man who actually likes this gray mop on his head. I mean, his salt and pepper look. Uh, the man who will be going back to the salon very soon...

Anyone need a haircut? I'm available...



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Unknown said...

looks good thanks for posting.