Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Positively positive

I love Spring Break.

I do not love broken springs. And we have one right now... in the garage on the door.

I love automatic garage door openers. I did not grow up with one. I still see this as a luxury.

I see microwave ovens as a luxury, too. But that's cuz I don't really cook. A microwave oven can fool people. It even fools me. I feel like I've just cooked a big, wonderful meal... in only 2 minutes on high.

I hate TV dinners. I love TV, though. I also love dinner.

Maybe that's why I love microwaves.

I like sheep. Sheep are cute. Sheepskin is warm. Sheeps are warm and cuddly.

I love Christmas trees. Real ones. Haven't had a real one in years though. My allergies do not love Christmas trees.

I hate my allergies.

But I'm trying to focus on what I love. So, if I have to... I'll find something I love about my allergies. Uh, I love the stuff that causes my allergies. That would be food and flowers. Darn that food. Darn the Spring.

But I love Spring Break. Therefore, I love my allergies?

I love California. I like Texas. One day I think I'll love Texas, too. When it does away with the wind.

I love hardwood floors. I'm saving up for hardwoods in my house. I have $10 saved so far. Should be anytime now... I better call and make the appointment soon.

And I apologize for doing another post like this. I did one similar to this last week... and should've waited another day or two to post one like it. But, hey. I'm in love.

With Hostess Twinkies.

You really didn't know I was going to go there, did you? You did? I sure am predictable.

But not really. 'Cuz you didn't know that I also adore school cafeteria food.

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