Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Politically Incorrect

Yesterday I made a mistake. Not a big mistake. But still a mistake. And I needed some 'white out' to cover it up.

I sure caused a stir by asking for 'white out.'

When I first entered the working world, that little bottle of cancer-causing white stuff that you brushed onto your paper over the mistake you'd just made, was called 'sno-pake.' And for years I called it 'sno-pake.' 'til that wasn't fashionable anymore. 'til people corrected me and said, "You must call it 'white out'." And I did.

And it was 'white out' for many years. Even though the world had moved on and was calling it something else by now... like 'liquid paper.'

Well, apparently you MUST still call it 'liquid paper.' You must. Or else you run the risk of being called a racist. Or worse, a moron.

So what did this moron do? She called it 'white out.' She actually asked her boss for some 'white out.'

And no one cared that I had just made a mistake. No one cared that I was not perfect. No one cared that life would not end... they only cared that I had DARED say the words, 'white out.'

And I looked up at my boss, who is black, and over at her boss who is white... and said, "IT'S CALLED WHITE OUT!!!!!!!!!"

Then I said, "Get over it."

I stunned an entire room.

You can't even make a mistake anymore without worrying that you're not being politically correct.

You think I'd have gotten a different reaction if I'd called it 'black out?'

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