Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The couch that swallowed an entire living room

A few weeks ago, before even the hint of a move had occurred... we decided that we no longer liked our family room furniture.

Actually I had decided that well over four years ago, but it finally wore me down just a few weeks ago. We had mismatched furniture in that room. There was one couch that only Rick could sit on because it hurt my back... and one couch that only I could sit on because it hurt Rick's back. And two chairs that no one could sit on because they faced the wrong way. And they were falling apart.

Yes, I built them. Yes, that's why they were falling apart. But still.

Anyway, on one sunny Saturday afternoon not too long ago, there was a sale.... a simple little sale.

A sale on furniture, no less.

BUT WE HAD TO HURRY!!! Because it WAS ALMOST OVER!!!! Honest. That's what the ad said...

No really, it was almost over. Almost.

And not only was it almost over... but it was the LAST DAYS!!!!!

So off I went to...

I found this cute little number...

and this...

But Rick would have none of it. Nor neither of them. Nope, not one. Nor both.

Rick liked this little ditty.

Did I say "little?"

Because he could do this...

And this...

So we now have this... our family room. Complete with four recliners, two vibraters, four cup holders, AND A COOLER!!!!! Who on earth needs a cooler buried in their couch????

Rick does.

He may never have to walk to the fridge again.

Oy vey.

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