Monday, May 3, 2010

It was touch and go there for awhile

... but we are moving forward with the new house.

The short hesitation came from realizing this is a big, big house... and there are just three of us... and soon there will be two. Do we really need all this room? Do we really need the new mortgage? Do we really need the extra expenses that will be incurred in property tax? Or heating a bigger house? Or fixing up the few things that the seller did not agree to fix?

We are probably crazy, but we decided to keep moving forward.

And I've even begun to declutter my current home. In fact, I've packed three whole boxes. Three!

And just as soon as I got those boxes sealed and shoved to the garage, darn if Rick didn't ask, "Where are the checks?"

Yeah, they're packed.

I haven't packed much but of course I managed to pack the only thing that we still need.


Next up? My closet. I am declothing my closet. I'm positive I'll pack something I want to wear just five minutes later... just positive.

I think I'll pack my workout clothes. Pretty sure I won't be needing those, though.

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