Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hail, hail, the gang's all here


My friend Mary outran the tornado that hit Oklahoma City on Monday. And picked up a little souvenir along the way. I have honestly never seen hail this big before in my life. Nor even close to this size!

Mary is no stranger to tornadoes, either. A few years back, Moore, Oklahoma was wiped out in a massive tornado. Mary lived in Moore at the time but was out of town at that particular moment.

The tornado gods have not forgiven her for that... and they tried to track her down in Oklahoma City on Monday, where she now lives. But Mary showed her fortitude once again. She hopped in her truck... headed south on Sooner Road... and escaped that little wind storm. Stopping once to pick up a souvenir and photograph it just for me!

That little wind storm did some major damage... but it didn't take Mary down.

Uh, Mary? In case the tornado gods are mad at you again... please don't come visit me in Frisco. I don't know that I can run as fast as you!

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