Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Realtor Dot Com

Five days on the market.... and we are still unsold.


And since I am so antsy to sell our current home and relax about buying the new home ... I decided to ask for some feedback. I mean, WHY ISN'T MY HOME SOLD YET! WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING ABOUT IT????

The feedback was pointed at one thing. Our backyard. It slopes. It's small. It's on a corner. Children don't need corners. They DO need swingsets. And our backyard is not swingset friendly.

Rick had the gall to ask me, "So what exactly drew you to this house?"

"Well, not the backyard, " I answered, reminding him that he was NOT with me when I found this house... and NOT with me when I put in the offer... and NOT with me when I decided that this small little backyard would be perfect for someone who doesn't like big backyards.

Yes, I didn't care for the backyard, either, when I bought this house. But I did like it for Rick. It was small. It was pool-less. And we had just come from a home with a HUGE backyard that had a pool in it. And we hated said pool.

Rick continued to badger me.... "Didn't you think about resale?"

"Um, no. I was pretty sure we'd be living in this house until we died."

So that's where we stand. And sit. In a house with a small, sloping backyard... that no one else on earth wants.

Do you suppose we could throw in the dog? And our cat? And promise them a small wading pool?


Five whole days on the market and I'm nothing but discouraged. Surely there's a slope lover out there in house buyer land...

Either that, or we can market to some midgets... who like to ski... on grass...

It's not all that sloped, now... is it?

Okay. So it is. But it makes for a fun toboggan run for those midgets...

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