Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pizza Man, He Delivers ... or not

They were serving pizza at my school today... and I had to miss it. And I was sad.

So sad, that I couldn't even get over it. I thought about that pizza all day long. In fact, I'm still thinking about it.

I was so wrapped up in the pizza that I wasn't going to have, that I went out searching for my own pizza.

Texas does have pizza... and I just knew it would be easy to find. But I was wrong. The only pizza place I could think of in my area... was gone. Out of business. Not enough pizza lovers in this part of the world, I guess.

So off I went on a trek to find me some pizza.

And I did.

But it was not easy. In fact, I drove for what felt like hours. I was successful... eventually... but it was far. Here's what I found:

Pizza Patron.

Yeah. That's what I said, too.

It was a free standing building...

... with a drive thru. Yes, drive-through-pizza. I didn't know pizza was a "fast food."

And I learned quickly that it's not. Fast, that is. You place your order and you pull up to the window and you turn off your engine. Because you are going to sit there, in your car, for about ten minutes. Yeah, a long time.

It was not in the best part of town, either. But I was ecstatic to have found it. Across the street from The Donut Palace. Yeah, another famous place.

But you know... as hungry as I was for pizza... oh, I don't know... something was just wrong with this dude being on the cover of the box. Mr. Pizza Patron... he just didn't look like he knew much about Italian food.

Here's more proof that I was getting something not-so-Italian. I mean, "Un Amigo Para Todos." ?? Oh, good. A friend to all. Pizza for everyone?

And if you don't like the Italian flair in this part of town... you can turn your head to the right... and choose Vietnamese cuisine.

Of course, you'd have to cook it yourself, though. 'twas just a grocery store. So maybe Mr. Pizza Amore man does have something going for him.

Oh wait... here's a restaurant. I should've just gone here. Heck, they probably serve pizza here, too. I mean, why not? Apparently you don't have to be Italian to make pizza in Texas.

You... you... you don't suppose that they serve kitties and puppies on their pizza, do you?

Then again, I have no idea what Mr. Pizza Patron - a friend to all - put on his. I ate it, but it did NOT taste like pizza. More like an enchilada... sorta. But that's what you get when you go searching for pizza in Texas.

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