Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ecuador Day 1

Prior to Elizabeth leaving for Ecuador, she visited the doctor to get some medication for her hormones being out of whack. Actually, they've never been in whack. They're just plain whacky.

I've got a teenager who's a mess when things don't go well... and the good part is... she knows it... and went to the doctor to figure it all out.

Together they decided that birth control would be best. And it would be fine if she started the program right away.

I cringed. I mean, Elizabeth was headed for Ecuador. Why not wait to start the hormone therapy when she returned home?

"Oh no, Mom. I can start now. The doctor said so."

So, off we go to the pharmacy to pick up the pills. 'Cept they weren't pills. My daughter told the doctor (and everyone else who she thought she could persuade) that she doesn't like pills. Too hard to swallow. So my naive daughter begged for some sort of IUD device. Some sort of ring thing. Yeah, uh huh. THIS was better than a pill? Pull-ease....

But, it was the IUD or nothing. And since I was brought there just to pay for the dang thing ($67.00!!!) I figured I could talk to the pharmacist. And I did.

Should she start this program now??


But shouldn't she wait until she returns??

No, Ma'am, it'll be fine. It just regulates the hormones. There will be no side effects.

I was still unsure... and still convinced that Liz should wait... but Elizabeth was jumping for joy that she could finally get her head and her heart on the same page. And she ignored my advice and gleefully did as the pharmacist told her... to go ahead and start.

On Friday, Rick and I saw Elizabeth off on her mission trip. We said goodbye to her at the church and watched as the caravan drove off towards DFW for their 9 days in Ecuador.

This morning, Sunday morning, I got the news via text that I had somewhat expected, but didn't really want to get...

"Mommy! They had to call the medical team on me. That birth control ring almost killed me. My body very negatively reacted. I'm fine now though."

Ya know... I'm not always wrong. Why won't anyone listen to me???
But here's the good news... Liz reported that despite her medical troubles, she is amazed by what she is witnessing.

She says, "This is awesome, by the way. 43 Americans total are teaming up with the Christians in Ibarra to plant 11 new churches in ONE WEEK!"

Yes, this trip is good for her!

However, birth control isn't.

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