Monday, June 14, 2010

Twin Peaks

And while Elizabeth was away, I decided to take Rick out for Father's Day. Yes, F.D. isn't here yet, but when Liz returns and we all go out as a family, it will be best if we visit a family friendly place for lunch.

But Liz is out of town, Ecuador-ing. And I took Rick out to where he's been DYING to go!! To Twin Peaks. Where "the scenic views are free." And scenic they were.

When you're sitting down and the waitress appears to take your order, your eyes are about even with... her views. Her peaks. Yes, the view was free. And plentiful.

These little girlies are not hired for anything but their views though. No, they are not.

Our waitress, Brinkley, will never be a brain surgeon. In fact, I'm not sure she'll ever be a waitress. She did take our order... and got everything she possibly could... wrong.

When our food arrived (and believe me, Rick did not care that the wait was extremely long) Rick's chicken-fried steak was missing its gravy. And his Odoul's was really a Coors.

My plate arrived and it looked foreign. Yes, it had the BBQ beef sandwich that I'd ordered on it, but everything else was strange. I had not ordered fries, but there they were. I had ordered a salad but there was some unusual looking pickle and onion concoction staring at me.

I said, "Uh, I ordered a salad."

Brinkley (and I only think that's her name... when I looked at her name tag, I saw views instead. Never did get a good look at that name tag) looked down at my plate and said, "that's not yours."

But she did nothing else. She seemed shocked that someone else's plate had magically appeared at my table, even though she was the one who placed it there.

"Well, what should I do about it?"

She gathered herself together and took my plate back. Rick had nearly finished his Texas-sized steak when I finally saw my salad and sandwich.

Brinkley was unphased though. After all there was a table of men nearby who appeared to be much better tippers than I. Yes, they were. I'm sure of it... because with all of our missing straws and untensils (and plates) Brinkley was probably thrilled when we left. She'd never, ever had to work so hard.

But Rick got his wish. He got to go to Twin Peaks for Father's Day. Or at least for a pre-Father's Day celebration.

I'm gonna ask to go to Hooters for Mother's Day. Seem's fair.

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