Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gettin' dressed

Rick: Have you seen my pants?

Me: Which ones?

Rick: The Denny's.

Me: The Denny's?

Rick: I mean, the Dickens.

Me: As in Charles?

Rick: huh?

Me: Never mind. What do they look like?

Rick: You know. The ones I always wear... my Dockies.

Me: Dockies?

Rick: Dickers?

Me: Give up.

Rick: My pants!! Okay, my PANTS!

Me: Just call them jeans, Rick.

Rick: But they're not jeans. They're formal.

Me: Dockies are formal? I never knew.

Rick: Oh, shut up and tell me where my pants are.

Me: They're in the closet. Your DOCKERS are in the closet.

Rick: That's not what they're called...

Me: Sigh.

The missing Dockies were found in this ad...

And I think it's time for me to buy this shirt for Rick. Dockie men need to know that they are MAN.

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