Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I drank the water, pet the dogs... and came back alive.

But let me add... just barely.

I've been after my daughter Elizabeth for photos of her Ecuador mission trip and today I got them. They made me laugh. Well not the photos... but the captions. The photos touched my heart.

Enjoy. And enjoy her captions.

When there is luggage to transport, storms to avoid, and naps to take, what better an activity than to stand outside photographing ourselves? Makes sense to me.

We're bad influences is what we are. One minute they're innocent, doing their own little thing and speaking their own little language. The next, they're flashing American gang signs.

They gave me 2 full hours to run around Ecuador unsupervised. I mean come on, you must have expected me to do SOMETHING ridiculous...

Look, how sweet. They're showing peace signs. Well, one of them is anyway. The other is counting to three I think...

This simply goes to show that if you fry up an animal, put it on a plate, and serve sauces with it, there is an unbelievably good chance I'll eat it.

I didn't bother naming him. That's crossing the line. Especially when his lungs were sitting right there... beside his head... all fried and... yeah.

I mean let's face it: what good is a fried guinea pig without a yellow bag of potatoes to accompany it? There's just no point.

Dear Diary,
Umm... yeah.

(This photo was taken by another of her team members. I'm not sure Elizabeth even saw any llamas. There weren't any photos of these little guys in her collection. But since I've never seen any before, and since I may never, ever see one, either, this will have to do. They're rather cute, eh?)

I seeeeee you!

I have to admit I was far more scared for this dog's life than this dog ever will be. All in a day...

(This photo was taken by one of Liz' leaders. I've got to remember to show it to Liz. Not sure she knows that animals in Ecuador tend to do this. Must have short-man's syndrome, I'm guessing.)

And if nothing else, at least I took away from Ecuador a memory of being tall. Ahh, good times.

That's Liz... in the red... asleep. Yeah, she made it home in one piece, but she was rather beat and worn when she returned home.

But that didn't matter. She had the time of her life. And she's already planning her next mission trip back to Ecuador to finish the work she started.

And may I pass a long a big thank you to all who supported her in this mission.


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