Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Turmoil? No, but awfully confusing...

Just when the planets had all aligned and the house of my dreams was really going to become ours and the buyers of my current home had calmed down and accepted the repairs that we were making... we got a phone call.

It was unexpected. Not tragic, but unexpected.

Was the house of my dreams not going to become mine after all? No, that wasn't it.

Were there problems with the house I'm selling? Well, yes, but that wasn't it, either. We are fixing all of the make-believe problems that our current house has...

So which house has the problem? Well, the townhouse.

The lease is up on the current renters and I secretly hoped that they would move so that I could sell the townhouse and be rich again. I wanted some money in the bank! But I knew better. These folks were glued to it. They have made it very clear that they love the house, love Frisco, love the kid's new schools, love the friends they've made here and were not planning to ever, ever move. Ever.

So I was that surprised when I got the call today that the renters were moving. And the circumstances that caused it are not pretty so I will not divulge them here. But alas, the townhouse will not be bringing in rent for July, August, etc. The townhouse is up for rent again. Or sale. Rick and I still have some talking to do on that issue. Not sure how this will play out. Either way, the townhouse will not be supplimenting my tiny income for July. Nor August.

And the funniest part of it all? The townhouse was the thorn in my side with my loan from B of A to buy the new house. Yes, it was.

Because of the townhouse, B of A would not give me a loan. They said that I didn't make enough money to manage three houses. Only two. And I didn't make enough money to pay property tax and make repairs on three houses. Only two. Never mind that the townhouse was paid for free and clear. No, B of A did not care about that.

And now that we have a new mortgage loan in the works with Chase bank, the townhouse still made an appearance. I honestly told the loan officer about the townhouse and he raised his hand up and said, "No. I don't want to know that you have a rental property. Let's pretend that I didn't hear you just say that."

And so the townhouse became our dirty, dark, little secret. Wouldn't ya know.

SO... to make a long story even longer... the townhouse that B of A knows about, Chase is pretending NOT to know about and I wish would go away altogether... is now vacant. Empty. Free.

Well, not free.

But available.

Any takers?

I'm guessing that Jake and Vienna aren't in need of a place now...

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