Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just poppin' in

I don't have internet service at my new house yet... so I'm still offline... officially. However, my daughter has figured out that if we sit REAL close to the window on the 2nd floor, Mark, some guy from next door has an internet service that is spilling into our house a little bit. And I'm not proud... I'll steal from whoever I can.

But, I haven't found the cord to my laptop yet... so even with Mark's help, I'm still a wee bit handicapped. In fact, my battery is threatening to die as we speak.

So this is rushed... but I did have to share one thing. My husband is crazy.

I've known it all along... but now it's official.

He swears that I've hidden all of his stuff. He will walk aimlessly around our new house, staring at a zillion boxes and ask me repeatly where something is.

My answer is always the same... I DON'T KNOW! UNPACK A BOX AND LOOK FOR IT!

But no. He'd rather complain that he can't find it. Or that I packed it without giving any thought to the fact that he might need it later. I mean, really. Would I do such a thing?

Okay, yes. And I have. And I've even thrown a few things out. But if it's something he just might need quickly... I put a lot of thought into where I packed it and what I packed it in.

And then, swearing I'd remember, I quickly forgot all about it. Or where it was. Or is. Or maybe never was. Heck, I probably have never seen it in the first place. I just don't know anymore.

You know what I have learned? That 249 brown boxes in my garage, living room and kitchen... ALL LOOK ALIKE just one hour after you've moved.

And you know what else?

I don't even care.

See ya on August 3rd. That's when Time Warner can grace us with their presence and get my internet up and running again.

Maybe sooner, if the guy next door doesn't find out.

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