Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not enough sense to come out of the...


Guess what I did today?

I headed out on another walk. Not far... just in my own neighborhood. Again. Cuz I like my neighborhood, I guess. Either that or because I'm moving, I've suddenly discovered what a nice place I live in. Seems to always go that way, doesn't it?

I brought Midnight with me, 'cuz, uh, she needed some exercise. Yeah, that's it.

She was very happy to go with me. (NOT)

We saw one of these on our walk. Someone thinks it's still 4th of July. Or Memorial Day. Or Flag day...

Someone else does, too.

Midnight wanted to sniff every inch of the planet today. I didn't.

And every tinkle spot of every other dog on the planet.

One of us did this...
One of us did not.

One of us did it again.
The other of us was getting embarrassed... and a bit annoyed.

Then the skies opened up and dumped all over me. Us. Both of us.

Oh how it rained...

We rode it out and tried to avoid all puddles.

We did not succeed. Midnight liked puddles.

We had to go home now. I didn't want to look like Midnight.

But the main reason we had to go was this...

And this. Midnight didn't like anyone else walking on her street. And this HUGE doggy was a big threat to her. Even though she didn't even notice Midnight.

We're almost home.

Yea! We made it!

And that's about all the walking my body can take this week. I mean, that Midnight's body can take this week.

She's kinda old, you know.

I'm not though. If only Midnight were up to it, I'd take her out every day. Twice a day.

Or not.

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