Monday, July 12, 2010

I walked!!!

It was a lovely day and I surprised even myself. I decided to take a little walk. Just a little walk.

Headed out in my own neighborhood, on my own street.

Honest, I walked. I know!! Even I didn't believe it.

First up, the little lake across the street from my house. Yes, I've only made it to across the street. But hey, that took real effort. You know, crossing the street and all...

Clay was busy today.

Time to rest. You know, I was walking. Didn't want to shock my body too much.

Rest time over and I headed out again. I walked so far, I was sure I'd crossed the state line. But no, still in Texas.

Saw me some golfers at the next little lake. I'd gone a whole block now and I was feeling a bit faint. Almost jumped in the lake. But I didn't quite have the strength.

Here's the opening to the 5th hole. I didn't dare walk all the way down there. Didn't want to maybe get hit by a golf ball, you know.

I saw a lady on a bike. Pulling a little buggy behind her. I tried to flag her down for a ride but she just kept on going. Darn her. I'd already walked two blocks and my legs were shaking. I was about to call the paramedics.

No really.

I had to check again. Nope. Still in Texas.

Eventually I reached the lake. The lake across the street from the clubhouse that's attached to the golf course that I live on. Yes, I didn't really go all that far. In fact, I never left my street. But it was still far. Yes it was. I live on a far street. It's very far.

I saw a little golf cart parade. They were on their way to... play golf?

Aah, there's the people that belong to those little carts.

Since my ultimate goal was the clubhouse, I had just a few more houses to pass. If I could. I was feeling really really weak by this time...

Don't Texans have the ugliest stuff in their front yards? They just don't bother to hide it all. And there's no point since everyone has these pretty decorations in their yards, too. I guess.

This house is my favorite. I want to have one just like it when I grow up. But don't tell Rick. 'Cuz I promised him we'll never move again. Never. Ever. Until I find one I can't live without anyway.

I may or may not know why I took this picture. There may or may not be a bunny in this picture.

Hey, look at this. And call 811 before you dig.

I didn't even know there was an 811.

Go figure.

Getting closer to the lake and I began to see some lake lovers.

They didn't even care if I got this close to them. They might've cared if I'd sat down beside them. I might not've cared though. I might've been getting tired.

And there it was. I had finally reached my goal. The clubhouse. It was far. Doesn't matter that it's on my street. I've never walked so far in all my life...

Some friends were waiting for me at the door of the clubhouse.

This little guy was especially glad to see me. I could tell by the way he quacked at me. And he doesn't do that to just everyone...

The bar inside the clubhouse welcomed me, too. And I'd earned a happy hour. Yes, I had. 'Cause I had walked far.

I even had my chariot come and pick me up. Cuz I couldn't possibly walk all that way back...

I smiled at my driver. I was happy to see him.

And soon I could see my house. I smiled at that, too.

And then I got to STOP.

'Cuz I was home. To stay. Promising never to wander so far away. Ever again.

The End.


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