Sunday, July 11, 2010

I have news!

No, not that we're moving... we are, but that's not my news.

No, not that I have Restless Leg Syndrome. I do, but that's not my news, either.

Not that I have acid reflux nor slightly high cholesterol. Nope. I do have acid reflux but the jury's still out on the cholesterol thing.

My news is better than all of the above. I think. Yeah, I think. Well, I think anyway.

Here it is: I have for a long time wanted to share Rick's story with the world. And the time has come. The "book" is in the works and I have just signed up with a publisher. Yes, I have.

Even I don't believe it. And I'm not sure I can pull it all off...

Breathe, Kris, breathe!

Then count to ten.

Jump up and down. Run around in circles, eat a pizza, grab a cookie... I mean, breathe.... breathe...

Here's the book that Rick is currently featured in:

Good book. Tells Rick's story but it's more about 29 different folks and their fights to live normal lives. Rick is that dude in the middle. The only guy.

That's Mary Beth McDonough (Erin on The Waltons) and Kathy Vara (ABC News) beside him.

But I've long wanted Rick's story told. He has such a unique story. I started to say 'wonderful' but caught myself. Oh, heck, it is a wonderful story... because it has a wonderful outcome. Yes it does.

And that's my news. That Rick's story will finally get to be told. Rick's story.

Followed by Kris' story. Followed by Midnight's tales of woe. I mean, seriously. Midnight is one depressed dog. She never gets to eat just plain ol' dog food... Rick always mixes it with gravy, filet mignon and other such awful things. Yeah, she's mistreated.

And off I go... I've got a deadline to meet.

Oh, by the way... you can order Rick's current book on and The link on my site here has been fixed. It no longer links to since their site has been down for way too long. I found the book at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and, uh, it's cheaper there, too!

See ya in the funny pages!


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