Thursday, August 12, 2010


See this here gang o' gals? I went to college with them. Many moons ago.

And about 13 years ago Karla, in white, got everyone back together for a "girl's getaway weekend" to celebrate all of our birthdays at once. We were, after all, the same age. Give or take a year.

This tradition started in our 40th year and has continued all along... up to our 52nd year.

I couldn't join them for the 40th year party... as Rick was going through all of his health issues.

And I couldn't join them this year... as I was dragging Rick through the move issues. In fact, I'm still dragging him through the issues.

Issues, issues, issues. Will they ever end?

Anyway, above from left to right is: Debbie, Lori, Melanie, Bonnie, Cara, Cindy, Karla & Lisa. Missing from the photo is Nancy (who went to be with the Lord last year) and uh, me. Kris. The one with the issues.

In this little group of girls that I went to college with, there's been a zillion life lessons learned. And life experiences shared, and therapy sessions given.

And a fair share of universal human struggle: some have lost parents, someone has an illness, someone has an ill parent, some are rich, some are poor.

Someone has gone through a divorce, some have never married. Someone is about to marry again. Some have lost jobs, some have worked forever at the same company...

…but all embrace the love, laughter and joy of getting together for a weekend every year.

I highly recommend getting together with your old friends, even if you haven’t seen them in twenty or thirty years.

It’s amazing how you can pick up where you left off. And laugh. And live. It’ll shave years off your maturity level and inches off your waist. (Okay, not really on the waist part.)

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Karla said...

Love you Kris!