Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So we visited a doctor today...

... and while walking down a hallway looking for the doctor's office, I noticed a door.

At first glance, all seemed normal...

But then it became apparent that something was wrong with this door.

It didn't touch the ground. It was a good two feet OFF the ground.

I mean, really. I could no more step up into that walkway/hallway/whatever it was if I was tall... and since I'm not... well, it's unthinkable who would make a door that high off the ground.

And on we walked... just marveling at a door.

Because life is so smooth and easy... that that's all we have to worry about in our lives.

Did I mention that I start back to school on Monday? I'm sure on Monday I'll give anything just to be back at the doctor's pondering what's on the other side of that door.

1 comment:

Your Ever Exploratory Daughter said...

I would've opened it. Aren't you proud of my responsible and mature decisions? :)