Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How am I doing, you ask?

As you know, our move finally did happen. It was touch and go there for awhile, but alas, moving day did arrive. And it was a day that coincided with a rainstorm. Of course. The Kahles only plan vacations to rainy parts of the world... and have almost never travelled ANYWHERE that rain didn't just suddenly appear overhead and come down in torrents. Even if it's never rained in that part of the world before.

The one exception? When we went to Alaska with all of our snow gear... and Alaska experienced their 1st heat wave in over 100 years. Yep, the Kahles had their hand in that, too.

But our move? On a rainy day? Just BAD BAD PLANNING. Seriously, I do not suggest this kind of scheduling at all, especially when you've packed the umbrellas in a box that is somewhere now in a garage full of boxes that all look the same, and instead of doing the logical thing, like going out and buying another umbrella, you admit defeat and exclaim to the world - I'VE RUINED OUR LIVES!

Rick's cell phone charger has met the same fate. And although he didn't shout it to the world, he did irritate me to death with his whining, making his displeasure known to the rest of us. That man has asked me AT LEAST 100 times where I packed his charger. And my standard answer is always, IN A BOX!!

As of this point, we haven't slept in more than a few days, what with the packing and the moving and the unloading and then the unpacking. And now I don't know where anything is. That for me is the hardest part about moving, the seemingly endless years it takes to finally locate the most simple things: pens, wooden spoons, bowls, salt. And plates. And we really really need plates. We do. And although I haven't even made my first meal in the new house, I am quite upset that I can't find my plates. To the point where I looked at Rick with tears welling in my eyes... and Rick just shook his head. I can't even believe he doesn't understand that we are never going to find the plates.

Life as I knew it, is over. So is summer. And I don't remember EVER having a shorter summer. Seems I just got off work for the summer and here it is time to go back.


Even though everything in our lives is in such disarray, I have to tell you that I am encouraged. Because just yesterday I found a bowl.

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