Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I tell you, I have never been so happy in all my life! I honestly can't think of a happier time in my life... than the moment the technician said, "Ma'am, you have internet."

I wanted to kiss him.

And right now... I am sitting in the kitchen typing away... listening to every TV in the house blare a different show and at different sound levels. And the phone even rang a few moments ago. What lovely sounds. Ringing, clicking on a keyboard and seven different TVs blaring. Aaah, the good life.

And it would've been gooder sooner... if only I'd known.

Last night, DYING to watch the finale of The Bachelorette, we all drove an hour to my sister-in-laws house for dinner and a show... yes, just to see who Ali would choose as her soulmate. We actually did that. Shut up, we are not totally crazy. Okay, we are. But it's only because we've been cut off from civilization for so long.

So today... when the technician finished his sawing and cutting and hammering and drilling... he calmly walked into my kitchen, where we had congregated, preparing to celebrate life with technology... and said, "Ma'am? You didn't have to go to Flower Mound last night to watch The Bachelorette. You've had cable all along."

* blink blink *

Say what?

"It's true. You should've plugged a TV in to see. It's been working."

I fainted.

Then I celebrated anyway.

Cake, anyone?

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