Monday, September 13, 2010

Walking backwards

I'm finally almost, practically, just about done with the house. Sort of. And I've decided to post a few pictures. Because if I don't... pretty soon the house is going to be "lived in" and far from picture-postable. Yep.

So... here goes. And I'm starting backwards. With the two rooms that were just finished this weekend. We'll see more later. Maybe. If Rick and Elizabeth haven't gotten to them first. Or me. In all honesty, it's ME that the house has to beware of. 'Cuz ME can do the most damage.

But, without further ado...
... this is ...

Guest bedroom #2

(Guest bedroom #1 is on a different floor... and came with the house. Well, all rooms came with the house... but bedroom #1 came pre-decorated. Done. Fixed. Already purdy. I didn't have to touch it. And that's good.)

Isn't it pretty? Did I pick good bed covers or what??

Here's a pretty table. With pretty Christmas ornaments stowed in front of it.

I'm such a good decorator.

But wait!!! There's more.

This is what the room really is. And this is where most of my time went to. The "Library." Or what will one day be called "The Library."

Books from my childhood, my adulthood, my school hood and my work hood. Lots of hoods in this room.

Closer up on the "My Childhood" section. Yep. Darn near every book I ever owned as a child. If you look closely, you'll see my three treasured Nancy Drew books and all the books I ordered from the school book clubs in grade school. Yep, still got 'em.

The license plate was my first and only personalized plate. For my Vega. I loved that license plate. Try not to notice that it's mispelled.

This cabinet holds a surprise.

Surprise! Our big TV!

Next to that cabinet... another bookcase. All for Rick's books. Yes, I let him have a shelf or two. Or three.

See those stairs next to the bookcase? We are currently on the 2nd floor. Those stairs lead up to our 3rd floor. You can see that room tomorrow.

Wanna see the carpet? Berber. I like it. Berber is the way to go. Never felt anything so soft under my feet.

So that's it for guest bedroom #2.

Media room is up tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

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