Monday, September 13, 2010

Up those stairs

Up these here stairs...

... is my favorite room in the house. In fact, it's pretty much the reason we bought the house. The 3rd floor. Actually, the 2 1/2 floor. However, when you've just walked up a full flight of stairs, it makes no difference if there are 12 stairs or just 6. You're already tired. Well, I am anyway.

Here's another view. Just 'cuz I like these stairs so much.

Need a hint? These stairs lead to a room that this poster fits into nicely.

Here it is. Our media room. We had a media room in our previous house, but it just wasn't as unique and glorious as this room is.

Try to overlook the wee bit of clutter that's still there. It'll be gone soon.

I hope.

And here's the star of the whole room. The 65" TV. Yes, it makes the room glorious. And I will never tire of staring at a 65" TV. On or off.

In the back of the room there's a closet.

And inside these double doors is...

... everything that embarrasses Elizabeth. Videotapes. And record albums. The stuff I shall never part with.

Just outside of this "media closet" is more media. In the form of cassettes. And a few CDs. More stuff to embarrass Elizabeth. I still have all my cassettes. I have to. They are recordings of moi. And I can't part with those. Nor do I know how to transfer them all to CDs. Or whatever else is popular now.

Do they still make cassette recorders?

My goodness, I have a lot.

There's a little popcorn machine in this room, too. We wouldn't want you to go hungry.

This is our former dining room table. It's now a game table, sitting in the front of the room. The door just beyond that leads down into an attic. I guess the attic is on the 2nd floor. Technically.

Clutter. I do hope someone cleans up this clutter, soon. I do hope that someone isn't me.

Below is something I like. And Elizabeth hates. It's a relic all right... but I love it. It's my karaoke machine. It doubles as a microphone and speaker system... for all the DJing I do.


We're keeping it. No matter what Rick and Elizabeth say.

And further back in the room (WAY back, if I had my choice) are two rocking chairs. For two old grandpas, I guess. One was Liz' from when she was a baby. The other... well, Rick just bought it. It's an AIR FORCE ROCKING CHAIR. Like Air Force folk would need a rocking chair.

But he loves it and I love him so I let him keep it. Just not too close to the TV.

And we can head out now. That's about it.

More clutter as you walk back down the stairs. Remind me to get that out of there. Someday.

Oh... one more thing.

There are windows in this room. And out of them... is this view. I LOVE this view. Especially at night. You see the lights from the houses across the way and it's so homey.

Back out of the room... and back down the main stairs.

There's a lot of stairs. But since they're all berbered, it's okay.

Next up... more rooms. I have no idea which path I'll take. But I just have to show off what I've gotten accomplished. Or not. More likely not.

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Karla said...

I'm afraid Fred would be taking a header down those stairs in a heartbeat!!! He tripped over the fan and went flying across the den. The TV tray broke his ascent across the room.