Thursday, October 21, 2010

And everything plaid

We had tickets to a play last Sunday - Forever Plaid - a wonderful musical that takes place in the 60's, on the night of the Beatles' debut on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Four young men play the hilarious quartet who were supposedly on their way to pick up their plaid jackets back then... for their 1st big show that night... singing the music of the day. When, all of a sudden, their car was hit by another car filled with teenaged girls who were on their way to see the Beatles make their debut on The Ed Sullivan Show. The girls lived, the guys died.

And the story is about the four young men getting some strange chance to return to earth for one night, to perform their show... one time. And all the hilarity around their nerves, etc.

Elizabeth and I were reading the program before the show started when she suddenly blurted out.... "Is this a true show?"

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