Saturday, October 23, 2010


We got trouble... right here in River City.

We moved to this here house back in July. July 26th to be exact. And although it's a might bigger than our last house, it is carpetless... giving my sweet daughter that much less to do in her weekly chore routine. Where she used to have to vaccuum and dust every Saturday and take care of the kitchen on a daily basis... she no longer has to worry about the carpet.

Well, let me start over...

Since we've moved, MY DAUGHTER HASN'T DONE SQUAT! So who cares if we have carpet in the house or not? She wouldn't vaccuum it if we had it. Heck she doesn't even hardly know where the kitchen is... and I caught her dusting ONCE... with a feather duster. Which does nothing for the glass surfaces that have fingerprints on them.

So, anyway. What I'm trying to say is... Elizabeth has abandoned her chores. There are just better things to do. Like go out to lunch with friends, go out to dinner with friends and go out to lunch and dinner with friends. You know, some things are just more important.

Well, I'd had enough. I sat her down and told her that she had to resume her chores... dusting and kitchen duties... and she could continue to abandon the vaccuuming, since, uh, we ain't got no carpet anyway.

OR... she could fix dinner for us EVERY NIGHT!

She thought and she thought and she thought some more.

And she decided that... she'd blow off all chores... in favor of cooking dinner.

REALLY? I'm thinking that 20 minutes of chores ONCE A WEEK would be far better than cooking dinner EVERY NIGHT!

However... Liz had something else up her sleeve. As usual.

Our first night of dinner was on Tuesday.

The Pizza Hut delivery boy arrived about 5:30.

* * blink blink * *

And Liz proudly announced tomorrow's meal had already been planned... and we had our choice of mac 'n' cheese or spaghetti. The only things she knew how to cook.


We got trouble... right here in River City... with a capitol T and that rhymes with ... oh who cares? I have a feeling my little baby girl just duped us again.

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