Sunday, October 10, 2010

Big Tex


Doin' the fair today.

I love Texas. They give you the day off just to go to the state fair... and your job even gives you a free ticket... AND they expect you to go, too.

So, I had to. Wanted to keep my job, you know.

So think of me today... eating deep fried grilled cheese, deep fried butter, deep fried coke and deep fried Klondike bar. And walking around in deep fried heaven. Or hell. Take your pick. It isn't exactly the best smelling place on earth. It smells like a big fat vat of... well, fried grease. Yes, it does. It stinks.

But I am there, today. Walking all around the huge fairgrounds, getting plenty of exercise.

Have to. Have to walk off all the deep fried-ness.

Maybe I'll have a diet coke, too. Just to keep things even.

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