Monday, October 11, 2010

And while on the subject...

... may I ask up a prayer request too?

Theresa is a buddy of mine at church. Twice married, having lost her first husband to a heart attack, she finds herself in a similar predicament yet, again.

Carrol, her current husband, has been experiencing some pain in his throat. A persistent cough got Theresa curious and she began watching her husband... just in case. A dinner out, where jalapeno dip was eaten, left Carrol with a numb tongue. Carrol commented that his tongue had gotten numb from too much dip... and Theresa was curious again. And watching.

Three days later, Carrol commented that 1/2 of his tongue now had the feeling back in it. THAT set off an alarm in Theresa. THAT was not from jalapeno dip if it took that long for the feeling to return.

So, off they headed to a doctor, just to see.

And that visit was most unsettling.

Stage 4 tongue/throat/lymph node cancer was the diagnosis.

And Theresa and her husband Carrol and young son Eric are now battling and living a nightmare that doesn't even seem real to them. The bomb was dropped... and it seemed to have come out of nowhere.

Please join me in prayer for the Nichols family as they endure all of the treatments, trials, pain, vulnerability and devastation that cancer can bring about. Please pray that this little family endure. Please pray that through it all they truly learn to rely on God... and allow Him to do his mighty work in this. And finally, please pray that Carrol fully realize Who is in charge here.

The Nichols are a lovely family. I know they will feel your blessings and prayers.

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