Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It's just one of those days...


I went to bed last night in the normal fashion. At a semi-normal time. And got up at my usual late time. I headed straight to the bathroom to shower and take my morning pills... only to find that they'd already been taken. But my evening pills had not been taken.

So, I was already off schedule for the day.

I dressed, headed to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door and took out what I thought was my lunch.

Got to school and completely forgot to punch in.

Headed to my office and realized I didn't have my office keys.

After the janitor let me in, I realized I did not have my breakfast and lunch in my hand after all. I had... get this... THE DOG'S DINNER.

And I still hadn't punched in yet. So I'm not even really here.

Maybe the dog is though. Maybe I'm really at home, asleep in the dog's bed. Dreaming about meatballs and bones.

I hope the dog remembers to punch in...

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