Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Still flookey

After I finally got myself settled at work... and accepted that I would have to go out for lunch today... I had a chat with my coworker about the fair that we had both gone to over the weekend.

She asked me what fried foods I had tried.

Uh, none.

She asked me how I liked the Tom Landry display.

Uh, what Tom Landry display?

Did I at least like the wild bird show?

There was a wild bird show?

Well, did I like the dog show?

There was a dog show?

Did I know there was more to the fair than just a midway and fried foods?

Nope. Didn't know that.

Then she asked if we were even at the same fair...

Yep. 'Cuz we had both seen this:

Just another day at the fair, I guess.

I saw this, too. I don't know if she did, but it sure looked good to me. Too bad the line was so long. Otherwise I would've definitely tried this fried food. I wonder if they'd have given it to me before frying it? You know, like real cookie dough. Pre-cooked.

I saw this, too. But I don't know... SHOULD lemonade be fried? I'm thinking, no.

And finally... your guess is as good as mine about what the 2nd B stands for. I didn't stick around to find out.

Just another day at the fair. Just another walk through a midway with 12 million of my closest friends.

And I do mean close.

And a few of them sure could've used some deodorant...

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