Sunday, November 7, 2010

And she does it again...

My darling daughter quickly tired of her new job, teaching pre-schoolers.

So, she goes to work at Blockbuster (her night time job) where she strikes up a conversation with a customer. They hit it off. The customer selects her movies and the customer goes on her way.

THEN... the Blockbuster door reopens... and the customer runs back in and quickly asks Liz if she is looking for a new job? My daughter says, "Well, yes I am... coincidentally." And the customer lady hands her her info, tells her to come to her office the next day for an interview... that she'd be just perfect as the front office person in her eye doctor office.

And off the customer went, smiling.

Liz interviewed the next day... Liz got the job. Liz now works in an eye doctor store/office/facility. As well as Blockbuster.

It just all happened so quickly. POOF. Again, my daughter's future just falls out of the sky right into her lap.

School? This kid may never get her degree... but I am not gonna have to worry about her hurting for a job. She'll still be able to take care of me in my old age. Which is now...

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