Thursday, November 4, 2010

Okay, you win...

I went to battle with Kohl's today. And I lost. Yet, I won. Yes, losing was actually winning here...

I had bought four little black kitty photo holders. You know the kind of photo holder I'm talking about. A little black kitty with a metal spiral thingy sticking out of its head that would hold a photo. Yes, your favorite picture of your darling little someone would be held in place by the curly cue thing sticking straight up. And I bought four of those.

Anyway, I had purchased these at Kohl's for a dinner party I was having. A Mardi Gras party... and the little black cats were the closest thing I could find to something dark and Mardi Gras-ish... in September. Not much Mardi Gras stuff is out there when the Christmas decorations are battling the Halloween pumpkins.

So I bought them. And I took their tags off fully intending to use them. Even threw the receipt away. Because they were perfect.

But as the party drew near I realized that black cats just aren't for a Fat Tuesday-ish. Nope.

I returned them to Kohl's today sans receipt and sans tags. Kohl's brags that they will take back anything whether you have the tags, the receipts or not. Hey, I wonder if they'd take the item back if I didn't have the item anymore. No? Yeah, I guess not.

So, I'm at Kohl's. And I hand the goods to the customer service girl and apologize profusely. She looks them over and remembers that she has seen another stray kitty in the front of the store and she could use that kitty's tag to ring up the barren little kitties I was returning... and she retrieved it.

She scans the new kitty.

$3.44 flashes onto the register screen. But the tag on the new kitty reads $2.09. She looks perplexed.

She then asks me how much I paid for the kitties. I say, "in the $2.00 range" and I pray that I at least get that much back... since you usually are at the mercy of the store when you come without a receipt.

Again the clerk scans the new kitty. Again it flashes $3.44. She looks at my kitties. She looks at me.

She rescans the kitty one more time. Still $3.44.

"I can only give you back what the computer will scan, since you have no receipt."

I agree and tell her I'd be happy with the $2.09 on the tag.

"But I have to give you what the computer scans."

"But it's more."

"But I have to give you what the computer scans."

I decide not to argue with someone holding a scanner. And I wait for her to come to her senses.

She never does. She hands me $14.00.

Now I look perplexed. "You can give me less... since the tag says $2.09."

"But I have to give you what the computer scans."

"Okay... you do what you have to do."

And she did.

So, I guess she won...

Part of me wanted to go buy the other little kitty up front for $2.09 and return it for $3.44 as well. Yep, I could make a killing. I could easily take Kohl's for another $1.35... and I'd be rich! So I guess I'd win, then.

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