Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Typos, anyone?

My dear daughter decided that she wanted a new job... set her mind to it... and poof, she had a new job. That's how she works. Or something like that.

So as of Monday, my daughter is now a pre-school teacher. At a Montessori school. Something she is well qualified for. But not something that she necessarily always wanted. You see, my daughter does not like kids.

Kinda funny, eh?

What's even funnier is this... She studied her company policy book, as all good employees would do, and saw this:

"Revealing clothing is now permitted."


Well, she knew what they meant....

... or did she?

Today she wore her shortest skirt to work... with her lowest cut blouse... making sure her black lace bra peeked out constantly. She felt she had to. Since it was NOW permitted...

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