Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Man Cave


In order for Rick to go along with my crazy notion to buy a new house, sell our previous house and pack, haul our stuff to the new house and then unpack... I had to promise him a "man room." Or cave. Whatever men are calling their special rooms nowadays.

And Rick is entitled to a man room, I mean cave.

However, I'm no fool. I call Rick's "man room" his office. And so far, he has put it to good use. He works HARD in his office. He pays the bills, and uh, uh, well, he's paid a few bills in there.

But, see that photo up above? It don't look like that no more.

Wanna see it now? Good.

It's a little crowded.

And a little messy.

But look! He's got one of these in there...

And one of these...

But the most important thing in the "office?" This.

Yeah, we don't see much of Rick anymore.

He's too busy paying bills.

Yes, Rick is pretty glad we moved.

Here's something funny. The most out of place item in the office? This.

Go get'm Cowboy!

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