Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another tip

Always arrive at your high school reunion LATE.

I arrived early. I had to, I had created all the name tags. And even my "early" was a bit late. When I got there a half hour ahead of time and started laying them out by class year, people began arriving and wanting their name tags, etc.

And the two reunion "heads" were nowhere in sight. I understood them to be dressing and getting ready, but they seemed to take forever to show up.

So what happens when you look like you're the one in charge? You get to be in charge!!

However, when Kris Kahle is in charge... and doesn't really know any of the specifics... people don't get wrist bands for the show... people don't get meal tickets... and most importantly people get told where the bathroom is... where there is no bathroom. Oh, power is fun.

And with all of that comes a few complainers. One "gentleman" was very upset at how this reunion was being run and why was publicity so bad and how come none of his friends were there.... I had to remind him that this was not a professional reunion. It was started by a group of friends who wanted to put together a reunion... and it grew from there.

Another fun person didn't like their reunion photo... uh, it was HIS senior picture. You don't like it... NOT MY FAULT.

Most people were very kind, though. And I had a great time chatting with people that I never even knew in high school. This reunion was an "all year" reunion and we had folks there ranging from 1963 to 1980 when the school closed. And... since the reunion was held in the gym of our very own alma mater, it was that much more special.

A good time was had by all. Or most. I was one tired puppy when it was all over... because I had had TWO reunions in one day. Yes, I had. A college friend reunion and a high school reunion.

Do I recommend two reunions in one day? NO. Especially in the rain, in the terrible rainy day traffic, in two different cities, in two different counties.... all about 100 miles away from where you picked your hotel to be.

What was I thinking?????

Oh I remember. I wanted to be near a Del Taco, a Carl's Jr. and an In N Out. Yep. That's how you pick your hotel. Even if there's no time to visit those places.

P.S. Check this out... Me.
Why is no one paying any attention to me?
Note to self: Don't stand in front of the cake.

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