Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm ready!

It's Saturday... the day after the day after Thanksgiving... or the day after Thanksgiving, if you're me.

And I am so excited. I really am! My tree is up... and I don't know why but I'm just thrilled and feeling like all is right with the world.

Heck, I even have an ornament on my tree!

Did you notice that my tree is short? And my ceilings are tall? I have 9 feet ceilings and what was supposed to be a 6 foot tree when I bought it many years ago. A six foot tree was on sale way back when and I bought it... and got it home and it was oh, four feet tall? The only thing that made it 6 feet tall was the very tip top that you put the angel on. That little branch was two feet tall all by itself.

We've hung onto this tree forever though, because I like it. It's prelit. And I HATE stringing lights. And I hate trees without lights.

We had our choice of four trees this year. Our little 4 footer; our 6 footer that is heavy as all get out and I had no intention of dragging it out of the attic and two 9 footers that were left behind by the previous owners.

You're probably asking why I didn't use either of the two 9 footers... but they are even harder to get at than the 6 footer in the attic. The two that were left behind were done so probably because no one could get to them, either. They are WAY UP IN THE GARAGE.

So, the 4 footer won. And I don't care. I'm in love with it. Even with it's single ornament on it.

I may never get another ornament on it... but that's okay... I'm ready for Christmas.

Not a single present is bought... and I don't care about that, either. I have my tree and all is right with the world.

And even better than that? I found a front row parking spot at Target today.

Bring it on, Santa!

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