Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm home!

I got home on Thursday night and was picked up at the airport by my husband and his sister. We headed to his sister's house so that they could finish their Thanksgiving dinner (where I got in a few bites myself) and then we headed back to my own house.

Friday was MY Thanksgiving. I'd ordered a meal from The Boston Market (the full blown Thanksgiving meal they offer) and since Elizabeth had to work... it was just for Rick and I. Yes, a dinner for six, for just us two.

And here it is, Saturday morning... and we are still dining on Turkey and stuffing and gravy, etc. I managed to finagle a lot of Thanksgiving meals out of this one holiday.

I got a lot done yesterday, too. I was glad to have a couple of days off before returning to work so I could get everything done... and I am making the most of the time. Well, when I'm not on the computer.

Got my car into the shop and got it fixed, while I picked up the turkey dinner. Got a chair out of the garage and into my bedroom. Got a firepit I found in the garage (when we moved in) assembled it and moved it to the backyard. Got a bookcase out of the garage and ALMOST moved upstairs. It's currently perched precariously on the stairs. A strong wind could make it tumble all the way down, though. Hope there's no strong winds in our house tonight.

All of the Christmas decorations (but where's the tree????) are now out of the garage and into the house... waiting to be placed in all new spots this year. The Halloween decor is all packed up and waiting to head up those stairs... once that bookcase gets out of the way.

Also on the list for today is the moving of a couch... from one bedroom to our new "library" as I like to call it. Elizabeth and Rick just call it "the room with a bunch of stupid books in it."

By the way, thanks Debbie for your "total trolley." I'm still putting it to good use. Hope you aren't needing it anytime soon...

Also on tap for today... I'm getting the dog a new bed and I'm going to start my Christmas shopping.

If you know me at all... you know that I shop all year long and am usually done Christmas shopping in July. This year, a house sale and a trip to CA got in the way. So, uh, I WILL start my shopping soon. Really I will.

Right after I make myself another turkey sandwich...

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