Wednesday, November 24, 2010

* * H A P P Y * * T H A N K S G I V I N G * *

As I sit in my hotel room for the final night of my week long trip, I find myself thankful that I've enjoyed the company of so many. This has been an awesome trip. And to think I didn't even want to go. Nope, I was done with travelling. Forever.

I was done with hotel rooms, too. Well, I'm still done with those.

But not my friends. They are priceless.

This trip was two fold. Or three fold. Maybe even four fold.

It all began on a Thursday night... late on a Thursday night... and I pulled into LAX around 9:45 pm California time... 11:45 pm Texas time. I was already tired. I was already spent. I had worked all day and then jumped on a plane and flew westward.

My first night in town was spent near the airport, listening to planes overhead and an elevator next to my room, right next to my bed. And rain was eminant. I was worried that the trip was only going to go downhill from there. But, instead, the UP button on that elevator was pushed and things turned around quickly.

I spent Friday with two former classmates from high school - two who I would never have spent time with in high school - and I enjoyed myself so much. We shopped, ate lunch, shopped some more, ate dinner, visited the ol' high school... and in between... we worked like crazy on pulling the reunion together.

Saturday was spent finishing badges for the reunion, visiting with some old college friends, attending the high school reunion then heading back to visit the college gang again.

Sunday brought a visit to my old church and more visits with some dear old friends... (Hi Jeff!) (Hi Judy!) and then a lunch date with one of my best friends whom I just don't get to see enough of. She was supposed to head home by 2:00 (she lives four hours away) but she didn't leave until close to 5:00. And I loved every minute of it.

Monday I headed to Vegas, driving across that big ol' desert all by myself. But it was good. I ain't never done that before, but it went quickly. And just two offramps before Vegas... I turned and headed to Pahrump where I met up with a former boss and fun friend Gail... and we dined on pizza. I enjoyed that evening more than I could've imagined!

Tuesday brought a viewing and a funeral. And I met up with my sister in law there. And a late lunch with her followed. And it was good to catch up with her. I haven't seen her in over two years. And that was at her wedding, where we didn't see much of each other. She seemed a bit busy at her wedding!

Tuesday night... I booked tickets to the Donny and Marie show at my hotel. I was completely humbled by their talent and their ability to dance... when they are both my age. I vowed to give myself one year to look like Marie. Yes, one year. On your mark...


And Wednesday... today... after completing the drive from Vegas to So Cal (where I chatted by cell phone with a good friend from my childhood for nearly the entire drive) I met up with someone I grew up with. Literally. We knew each other BEFORE we were born. Imagine that! Our mothers were best friends. Oh the memories that ensued. And although I had planned to visit a new friend Katie, I'm so hoping she understands that meeting up with Pam... and having Pam taking me to see her sister Karen... was almost more than I could stand. In a wonderful, wonderful way. These are friends that saw me through my parent's later years and subsequent deaths. And these two girls came to my mother's house just three days before I sold it and helped me clean it out. HEAD TO TOE. WALL TO WALL. I could not have done it without them. These are lifelong friends. I never, ever want to lose them.

And here I sit... the night before Thanksgiving... praising God for all the goodness in my life. For all the blessings I have... for all the people He's placed in my life.

And I will return to my sweet family tomorrow.

God is awesome. He has given me so much. And for that I am truly grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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