Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Change of pace

Reunions aside... this vacation is also about a funeral. I'm heading to Vegas today for the funeral of one of Rick's cousins. A little 21 year old cousin who died suddenly of a heart attack.

I didn't know Elsje (pronounced Elsha) very well, but I'd enjoyed meeting her at Rick's sister's wedding last year. And I liked her. Very much. She was the free-est of the free spirits, even at her young age, but she was as confident as a 21 year old could be. This girl was it. She knew the world and the world was her friend. And she knew where she was going. I remember her dancing at that wedding like there was no tomorrow.

Elsje passed away a week ago from her 3rd heart attack in about 12 months. For her, there really was no tomorrow. And I'm told that she is now dancing in heaven.

Since heart disease plays no favorites and starts at no particular age... have we all had our check ups? Apparently it's never to young to begin to take good care of our hearts.

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